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    Welcome to the official website of Foshan Huarongtong Antenna Co., Ltd.

    Sales salesman
    Title requirements: network market impact
    Number of recruitments: 1
    Gender requirements: not limited
    Recruitment Department: Sales Department
    Education requirements: High school or above
    Professional requirements: Strict implementation of sales policies, promotion of the company's products, complete sales tasks
    Work area: Foshan
    Age requirements: not limited
    Work experience: More than one year
    Other requirements: 1) Strict implementation of sales policy, promotion of the company's products, completion of sales task 2, improvement of the company's brand image through standardization and good service, 3, customer demand, analysis and guidance,
    Ability requirements: 1, good at communicating with people, willing to learn and think, diligent in the development of innovation, dare to challenge the high salary, 2, experience with the impact of the Internet market is preferred, 3, treatment: basic salary + percentage + annual bonus


    Foshan Huarongtong Antenna Co., Ltd.

    Main business: Foshan antenna

    Contact person: Mr. Liang

    Telephone:(0757)82106992 / 13702559218


    Company address:Second Floor, 93 Wugang Road, Shiwan, Chancheng District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Henan Industrial Zone

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