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    Welcome to the official website of Foshan Huarongtong Antenna Co., Ltd.

    Why not use an outdoor antenna on a rainy day?
    Lightning damages television, usually in two ways. In addition to the antenna, it is the power source line. Both aspects can not be ignored. The antenna is placed on the closed balcony and there will be no problem because the exterior of the building now has high-performance lightning rods.
    Is it safe not to cut off the cable TV antenna on a rainy day?
    It is better to disconnect the antenna on a rainy day. Because sometimes the TV was struck by lightning and it was through the cable television network. He had nothing to do with the height of the floor.
    How many meters from the pole in thunder rain?
    In a thunderstorm, do not enter the high voltage pole, tower, lightning rod around the ground wire within 20 meters. When the high-voltage line breaks down, within 10 meters around the area, personnel are prohibited from entering; If it is already within 10 meters, it should jump out of the dangerous area with one foot or one foot.
    Why doesn't the cable TV antenna have to be unplugged? And the other antennas have to be pulled out?
    Other wires are ground lines, and it is easy to shock electrical appliances, but now the new building is basically no need to pull out. The connection between the lightning rod and the lines in the building is very long.


    Foshan Huarongtong Antenna Co., Ltd.

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    Contact person: Mr. Liang

    Telephone:(0757)82106992 / 13702559218


    Company address:Second Floor, 93 Wugang Road, Shiwan, Chancheng District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Henan Industrial Zone

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