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    Welcome to the official website of Foshan Huarongtong Antenna Co., Ltd.


    Performance Analysis of Beautifying Antennas

    Beautifying the antenna is to add a coat to the traditional antenna, which plays a certain shielding role. It makes the antenna look beautiful and generous, and can also complete the communication function.
    Most of the outer shells of the concealed antenna are FRP shells, which are corrosion resistant. The real life of a concealed antenna depends on the heart of the internal smart or base station antenna, which is the image shifter. Phase shifters are divided into 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 generations. Generation 1 to 5 is the most complex and generation 5 is the simplest. The first generation phase shifter has the broadest wave velocity, while the fourth generation has the shortest wave velocity. At present, the Five Generation Phase Shifter is the latest invention in 10 years. Its wave velocity is not only wide, but also can prolong its life. Its structure is simple and its cost is low.
    The problem to beautify the antenna is the degree of isolation. Two antennas can not be placed face to face in the isolation layer, which will cause interference. The antenna can be placed back to back. This problem should be well avoided in actual production.


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