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    Welcome to the official website of Foshan Huarongtong Antenna Co., Ltd.


    What is the function of antenna piercing through the wall?s

    The function of antenna piercing through the wall refers to the acceptance capability of the antenna partition wall, which is mainly determined by the following two points:
    One is the antenna power and frequency band. Generally speaking, the more the number of elements, the stronger the signal. For example, three must be stronger than one and two. It can also be seen from the bandwidth of the instructions. There is also a reinforced antenna, which is a long but very high standing antenna, about five times longer than the general antenna. The radiation frequency of the reinforced antenna is very strong, and the signal can be enlarged three to five times at the same distance and in the same environment. Compared with routers with more roots, increasing height is more like increasing power, which is an increase in strength. The increase of root number is the increase of bandwidth and coverage area, with different emphasis.
    Second, the building structure, such as the load-bearing wall with more steel bars, will greatly weaken the WIFI signal (increased interference). There is also the best router not placed in the corner of the house, easy to shield the signal. It's best to put it in the middle of the house or near the window (but not at the corner). If the receiving signal is not good, we need to find ways to enhance the power of the antenna. We can consider using the antenna amplifier to enhance the signal.


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